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Union Bank Transfer Code | How To Activate Union Bank Transfer Code
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union bank transfer code – Did you know that you can carry out a number of banking tasks without physically being at the bank? It is indeed feasible! All you require is a working phone and a bank account. Even without internet access, you can conduct banking operations. It sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Union bank transfer code is what enables this.

Customers can carry out a number of banking operations using their mobile devices thanks to the Union bank transfer code. USSD banking is the name for this kind of banking. Customers can access this simple banking option whenever and wherever they are. Everything you need to know about the Union bank transfer code and how to enable USSD banking on your mobile device is covered in this article.

*826# is the Union bank transfer code. This is Union Bank’s official USSD banking code. With this code, you can open new accounts, pay bills, buy airtime/data, transfer money from your Union bank account to another bank account, check your bank balance, etc

Union Bank USSD Code

Function USSD Code
Check account balance *826*4#
Airtime TopUp for yourself *826*Amount#
Airtime TopUp for others *826*Amount*Recipient’s phone No#
Data purchase *826*9#
Funds transferred to Union Bank account *826*1*Amount*Account No#
Funds transferred to other banks *826*2*Amount*Account no#
Request a debit card *826*21#
Cardless withdrawal *826*7*amount#
Request a loan *826*41#
Pay merchants *826*22*merchant code*amount#
Block and unblock debit/credit card *826*21#
Block your account from your phone number *826*6#
Block your account from other phone numbers *826*6*mobile number#

Trending Issues:

Union Bank Customer Care Line

You can contact them via any of their contact methods (WhatsApp, email, phone, social media), file a complaint, or stop by one of their locations.
text message: 09070070001
Call UnionCare at +234-1-2716816 or dial 07007007000.

Hotlines for Whistle Blowers: 0800TIPOFFS (0800 847 6337)
The customer service email is

How To Activate Union Bank Transfer Code

The Union bank transfer code must first be activated on your phone before you can begin using it. The steps listed below will enable the Union bank transfer code if you have a banking relationship with them and an active phone number:

  • Open the calling app on your smartphone.
  • Enter *826# as the USSD code.
  • Make sure to call the USSD code using the phone number associated with your Union bank account.
  • Type in your NUBAN 10-digit account number.
  • The last six digits of your Union bank debit card should be entered.
  • Type in your 4-digit transfer PIN here.
  • Recheck your entries.
  • Congratulations! Your mobile phone’s Union bank transfer code has been successfully activated.

NOTE: There is no cost to sign up for the Union bank transfer code.

How To Transfer Money From Union Bank To Another Bank

Follow the steps below to transfer money from your Union bank account to another bank account:

  1. By dialing *826*1*Amount*Recipient’s Account No#, you can send money to another Union bank account.
    For instant; *826*1*5000*2345678901#
  2. Dial *826*2*Amount*Recipient’s Account # to transfer funds to other Bank accounts.
    For instant; *826*2*5000*8901234567#.
  3. To confirm the transaction after dialing the code, enter your Union bank transfer PIN.
  4. Verify the recipient’s account information that is shown on the screen.
  5. The recipient will receive the money right away.

NOTE: There will be an N10 service charge for any transfers of money to other bank accounts.

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