Top 5 Pole Dance Classes in Oakland, CA (2023)

Top 5 Pole Dance Classes in Oakland
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A list of the top 5 pole dance classes in Oakland: California, is home to a wide variety of attractions and experiences because of the city’s vibrant cultural scene.

A wide variety of places to get in shape and have fun can be found among the city’s many neighborhoods and busy streets. Pole dancing is another one of these fascinating and appealing subcultures.

But in recent years, pole dancing classes have become increasingly commonplace as both a creative outlet and a challenging physical activity.

Pole fitness, which has its origins in acrobatics and dance, is a dynamic and challenging approach to working on your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

There is now a thriving and encouraging pole dancing community in Oakland, with a number of studios and teachers providing classes for both newcomers and seasoned pros.

Building core strength, increasing flexibility, and discovering a new outlet for movement and expression are all possible with pole dancing courses in Oakland.

If you want to feel the pleasure and the empowerment of this engaging art form, you could join the growing number of pole dancers in this thriving metropolis.


Top 5 Pole Dance Classes in Oakland, CA (2023)

Top 5 Pole Dance Classes in Oakland

Pole Dancers In Class

The following are the top 5 pole dance classes in Oakland, CA:


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1. Shelly’s Pole Fitness:

At Shelly’s Pole Fitness, pole dancing is seen as much more than just a form of exercise; it’s an opportunity for creative expression that helps people gain a new perspective on and appreciation for their bodies.

Whether you’re looking to improve your flexibility and core strength, try something new and exciting, or do both, their pole classes will meet your needs.

Teacher Shelly delivers in-depth knowledge and expertise, drawing from her experience as a Pilates, fitness, and dance coach to create a safe, challenging, and enjoyable learning environment.

Shelly has been an educator for ten years, during which time she has refined her approach to best meet the needs and interests of her students. They include both serious athletes and individuals whose primary goal is to have a great time while becoming in shape.

Pole dancing combines physical exertion with acrobatics and expressiveness, allowing each performer to showcase their own style.

Shelly’s Pole Fitness is an inclusive environment that encourages each student to develop their own unique style while also challenging them to reach their physical and creative limits.

Come dance the pole with them today and see what all the fuss is about! A mailing address of 915 Cayuga Street, San Francisco, California 94112 is provided.


2. Atomic Allure

If you’re looking for a dancing and fitness studio, ATOMIC ALLURE is not it. It’s a community of strong, independent people from all walks of life coming together to celebrate physical activity, individuality, and body positivity.

In Oakland, Atomic Allure is regarded as among the best pole dance schools available.

With this, they hope to provide a safe and welcoming environment where people of all backgrounds and fitness levels may feel supported and encouraged in their fitness journey.

As well as emphasizing the importance of physical health, they stress the psychological and spiritual benefits of dance and other forms of movement-based training

Classes are high-energy and fun, and they provide a total-body workout that helps students build strength, self-esteem, and pride.

Without exception, we warmly welcome women of any and all ages, sizes, and body types to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Both inexperienced dancers and seasoned professionals can find something in this that works for them.

The people here are compassionate, respectful, and inspiring, and they’ve made a pact to work together for the benefit of everyone’s development and prosperity. A letter with the address 337 13th St #201, Oakland, CA 94612, USA would be appropriate.


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3. Rockit Pole Fitness

The instructors at RockIt Pole Fitness are dedicated to showing their students the many benefits of pole training, including increased strength, self-assurance, mobility, and focus.

Furthermore, their cutting-edge courses are suitable for people of all fitness levels.

Furthermore, they are dedicated to developing a friendly and welcoming neighborhood. Pole fitness is an inclusive activity that welcomes people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and confidence levels to try out this fun and challenging form of exercise.

RockIt Pole Fitness is particularly proud of the strong sense of community and friendship it encourages among its pupils.

The studio’s instructors are warm and welcoming people who will help you every step of the way. Address: 1625 Main St #1003, Oakley, CA 94561, U.S.A.


4. Oakland Pole + Dance

In Oakland, California, you’ll find a lively and welcoming facility called Pole + Dancing, where you may learn about pole dancing and aerial arts.

The studio is in a great spot, and it’s large enough to accommodate a number of poles and aerial points, so students can get plenty of practice and develop their abilities.

The studio is likewise committed to diversity and equality; it actively promotes body and sex positivity.

It fosters a welcoming space where individuals can freely express themselves and appreciate their bodies without fear of judgment.

Private and group lessons give students additional options for how they want to advance their education.

In contrast, the studio’s reach can be expanded beyond its physical location through the availability of performance series and online classes. Postal code: 94610; address: 366A Grand Ave.


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5. Twirly Studios:

In the San Francisco East Bay, you’ll find Twirly Studios, a studio dedicated to providing pole and aerial dancers with a place to hone their skills.

They provide several different courses, some of which are as follows:

  • Exercises on the pole in a small group
  • Dance moves, chair spins, and heel clicks
  • Methods of Dancing
  • The flow of exotic origins
  • Normal dance steps
  • the ability to bend and train
  • Flying trapeze
  • Lyra
  • Suspension Yoga
  • Hammock

We are a welcoming and inclusive space that celebrates individuality and strength.

They also want to make sure that students feel safe and supported in their classes. They believe that teaching should be a positive experience and emphasize that to their students.

The school also encourages children of all shapes, sizes, and levels to enroll. Location: 288 Spring Street, Pleasanton, California 94566, USA.



Dancers of all skill levels can find a lesson to suit their needs at one of Oakland’s many highly regarded pole dance studios.

In addition, pole dancing is a fantastic physical activity that may help you get in shape, increase your strength, and enhance your flexibility and balance.

Choose from one of the best pole dance courses in Oakland to help you reach your fitness goals and hone your talents, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned performer.

In addition to being a great kind of exercise, pole dancing may help you gain confidence in your own strength and grace.

If you find the right class and teacher, you may push yourself to your limits while also receiving positive reinforcement.

There are some excellent pole dance classes in Oakland; why not give one a shot? There’s a chance you’ll find something that really speaks to you and keeps you coming back for more.

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