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opay pos machine – OPay is designed to make financial services more accessible to everyday customers –– whether it’s for the bills they have to pay or the transfer & withdrawal of money; OPay’s a platform that truly serves its users in the most convenient way.

One of the most recent opportunities that Opay, also known as Paycom, has provided to Nigerians is the OPay Merchant, which enables you to work as an OPay Agent. Opay is a rapidly growing fintech company in Nigeria.

As an OPay Agent, you can purchase their POS Machine and help people with bill payments, withdrawals, and money transfers. Over time, this will enable you to make money.

OPay was created to make online transactions in Nigeria simpler. This article serves as a guide for obtaining a POS (Point of Sales) terminal in Nigeria for use with withdrawals, transfers, deposits, and other financial transactions. As an OPay agent, you can earn more money with this.

How to get opay pos machine

The steps to becoming an OPay agent and applying for the Opay POS machine are highlighted below.

  • Open the OPay app on your device and log in.
  • Select the icon for the “Merchant Application.”
  • Please provide all requested information.
  • Upload the last three months’ worth of transactional history.
  • Upload a legitimate ID card, such as a driver’s license, passport, or voter’s card.
  • You can upload a picture of your workstation that you took to the portal.
  • Send your OPay POS application in for evaluation.

NOTE: The OPay POS is free, but agents must have 20,000 Naira in their OPay wallets available as a caution fee. This fee will be charged as soon as the POS application is approved. When the agent returns the POS terminal, they will receive a refund for this amount.

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When will I be able to use OPay POS machine?

Within 24 hours, every OPay POS machine request is examined and processed. The agent support team will get in touch with you once your request for the POS terminal is approved to let you know the best time to pick it up.

How much is opay pos machine cost in Nigeria

Despite the fact that opayweb gives away free POS machines to its customers, you can still purchase a POS machine online at the prices listed below;

  • Android Opay Point-of-Sale (N70,000)
  • traditional POS Opay (N55,000)
  • newly released Opay POS terminal (N54,000)
  • New Opay MPOS (N20,000)

Free OPay POS software is available. It’s referred to as a caution fee even though you must keep at least N20,000 in your OPay Wallet. The caution fee is deducted right away from your wallet after the POS request is approved. Only after the agent returns the POS terminal will the N20,000 be refunded.

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