10 Online Stores To Buy Electronics And Gadgets In Nigeria

online stores to buy electronics and gadgets in Nigeria
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They’re several online stores to buy electronics and gadgets in Nigeria but you might find it challenging to find online stores that secure your credit/debit card and delivers your order in no time.

In this article, we list the finest places to shop online for electronics and gadgets in Nigeria, so you don’t have to waste time scouring the web for a reputable Nigerian online electronics store from your own location.

Buying has been made much less stressful thanks to reliable online electronic retailers in Nigeria; all you have to do is peruse the websites provided in this piece to find the device that best meets your needs and preferences.

It’s common practice for Nigerians to order food and cell phones on the internet; the same should hold true for gadgets.

Most shoppers are worried about whether or not they can trust these sites and whether or not their demands will be satisfied, but they need not worry because all orders are safe and can be tracked until they are delivered.



10 Online Stores To Buy Electronics And Gadget In Nigeria

Below are the top 10 online stores to buy electronics and gadgets in Nigeria.



Founded on the pillars of a marketplace, logistics service, and payment service, Jumia is a Pan-African technology firm. Delivery of orders is handled by a network of local partners thanks to Jumia’s logistics service, while the platform’s payment services make it possible to pay for purchases made on the site.

You may find a wide range of pricing and merchants on Jumia for the many electronic devices you could need. If you’re uncomfortable with making an internet purchase, you can use their POD service instead.


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When it comes to internet shopping in Nigeria, nobody beats The goal of its inception in July 2012 was to make Africa’s economy more commercially and economically active.

Konga’s retail customer base is expanding rapidly, and the company caters to them by stocking a wide variety of goods in categories such as electronics, apparel, home goods, books, healthcare, children’s goods, and more.

Our lowest price guarantee, 7-day free return policy*, order delivery-tracking, dedicated customer service support, and a number of other premium services are just a few examples of the wide range of services they offer to ensure maximum convenience and customer satisfaction throughout the retail process.

Joining now means taking advantage of the mall’s growing selection of goods and services, which will improve in quality, accessibility, and efficiency over time.



If you’re looking for a place to buy various electronics without any hassle, all you have to do is visit Jiji, a very popular website in Nigeria, known for its uniqueness in that it acts as a 3rd party website, a middleman for c2c business(consumer to consumer).

However, at its core, Jiji is still a web shopping mall, and things are being sold through advertisements. New and secondhand gadgets, both working and not, can be found for a low price on Jiji.

When you need to get rid of some old or unused devices, this is the best online marketplace to do it. Jiji is one of the finest places to shop online for electronics in Nigeria because it is a terrific place to find just about everything, new or old.


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A section of Amazon’s website is now devoted solely to the electronic devices it offers. Popular electronic gadgets including smartwatches, tablets, computers, cellphones, and more are all available here.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy online retailer, go no further than Amazon. Not only is it the largest e-commerce site in the world, but it also offers some of the best rates and discounts for bulk purchases, making it one of the best places to shop for electronics in Nigeria.

Perhaps of interest to you is the fact that since its inception in 1994, Amazon has become one of the most popular online retailers worldwide.

You can find just about anything on Amazon. Amazon has been ranked higher in the popularity stakes than competitors such as Best Buy, Target, and Walmart when it comes to electronic purchases.

Amazon has been praised for its competitive pricing and extensive selection of electronic devices, with some even claiming it is superior to Apple.



When it comes to selling gadgets, few places online can compete with the Chinese e-commerce giant Banggood. Banggood is the place to go if you’re in the market for low-cost, high-quality electronics and gadgets.

From Nigeria, you may place an order at Banggood, and it will be sent and delivered to you. Banggood is a reliable online electronics retailer, and it is one of the most popular online stores in Nigeria.



AliExpress is a cheaper alternative to Amazon that offers a wide variety of products, including fashion, home goods, and technology. Used gadgets, last-versions, years, and bulk equipment can all be found there.

AliExpress is worth a look if you have some free time and want to locate that one-of-a-kind jewel or unbeatable price, despite the fact that the selection is hit-or-miss and the site itself can be hectic and difficult to peruse.


7. ZIT

Have you just relocated your home or place of business and are looking to update your electronics with something new and exciting?

Are you hoping to find something that’s a little bit different, or perhaps something that more closely reflects your personal preferences?

Whether you’re looking for new equipment for your home or office, Zit. ng is a great resource. A wide variety of home appliances, including televisions, freezers, generators, and cooking appliances like microwaves and stoves, are available for purchase, among other electronic gadgets.

Zit is the place to go to acquire all the electronic goods you need without having to worry about anything; they offer a high satisfaction rate, a quick turnaround time for customer service inquiries, and a lengthy warranty on all of their products. When looking for electronic goods in Nigeria, this is a reliable internet retailer.


8. E-BAY

If you’ve ever bought something on eBay, you know that you need to be patient. Aside from the auctions, the independent market is great because it offers a wide variety of items, from cutting-edge innovations to fascinating relics of the past and fascinatingly odd pieces of technology.

eBay is not the best site to seek for a cheap device, but it is a fantastic option if you have time to browse items and read detailed descriptions of their condition.


9. Jamarahome

Jamarahome is a Nigerian internet store that specializes in selling electronics to local customers. They have some of the best deals you’ll find on high-quality goods and gadgets.

Jamarahome is a reliable online retailer of electronics, gadgets, and office and home equipment, and placing an order with them couldn’t be simpler.


10. GearBest

Another gadget-focused (but not Nigerian-based) online retailer, GearBest offers a delightfully wide selection of gadgets. It offers a wide range of electronic devices for sale, catering to everyone from budget-conscious shoppers to advanced hobbyists.

Take advantage of the 45-day money-back guarantee and the free 1-year repair warranty on electronics as you shop from a wide variety of products, including 3D printers, laser rangefinders, and remote control products and parts, which sit comfortably alongside more common offerings like smartphones, tablets, and speakers.



Using these sites, you can shop for an electrical device that suits your needs and preferences without leaving your house. In order to purchase something from our site, all you have to do is create an account or log in, browse for what you want, choose it, pay for it, and then monitor its delivery.



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