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Nomba kudi pos charges

kudi pos charges
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Nomba Kudi Pos Charges – One of Nigeria’s most well-known fintech startups, Kudi, makes online banking transactions and more simple to access in both urban and rural areas.

One of the many distinctive features of the Kudi Exchange platform is a free mobile P.O.S. (point-of-sale) system that is seamlessly integrated into the First Kudi App and empowers both merchants and consumers.

Using their phone number or a QR code found in the app, sellers, and merchants of all kinds can accept payments for goods and services thanks to Kudi Business.

Retailers are no longer required to pay outrageous bank fees for shoddy P.O.S. systems. Buyers now have a tool that incorporates all of the mobile money’s advantages at the same time. Additionally, Kudi Business maintains a secure record of all purchases and gives customers the option to reject any disputed or erroneous charges.

Nomba Kudi pos charges 2022

Their transaction for Nomba Kudi POS withdrawals Charges are:

100 – 4,500 (24 Naira)

4,501 – 25,000 (0.6%)

25,001 – 500,000 (150 Naira)

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The entire process of becoming a Nomba kudi Agent follows a straightforward, step-by-step guide, as demonstrated in this post, so it is not challenging. To use this app, you must have a fully functional Android phone that can access the internet.

Fill out the online application and adhere to the guidelines listed below to join Kudi as an agent.

  1. Install the Kudi app from the Apple or Google Play stores.
  2. Open the app on your mobile device by launching it.
  3. Register on the Kudi app with your phone number and connect your bank account.
  4. To conduct transactions, utilize the Kudi app.
  5. Use the app to continue paying your electric bill, TV subscriptions, and recharges.
  6. After using the platform for about two weeks, Kudi should send you a message about your eligibility for a free POS. Check your inbox for it.

What are the requirements for Nomba Kudi agent registration?

  1. A National ID card
  2. BVN
  3. Utility Bills (e.g PHCN)
  4. Passport Photograph

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