how to apply mpesa fanikiwa loan in 2023

how to apply mpesa fanikiwa loan in 2023
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mpesa fanikiwa loan – M-Pesa recently offered a new loan product service to its users on a trial basis. A loan can be obtained for KES 100 to KES 10,000 with a 30-day grace period and a 5% interest rate. you may also like to know How To Get Okash Loan.

As a result, M-Shwari and KCB M-Pesa are slightly more expensive than this trial loan facility. For this initial pilot phase, Safaricom has carefully chosen the individuals who are eligible for this loan facility.

As a result, by default, you are not qualified for this loan if you have not been chosen. After the initial three months of this pilot project, its future will be decided.

With the exception of the interest rate, this loan functions exactly like M-Shwari. You are therefore ineligible for another M-Pesa Fanikiwa loan if you already have one.

how to apply mpesa fanikiwa loan

To apply for MPesa fanikiwa loan, simply dial the USSD code *844# on your Safaricom network and follow the prompt.

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mpesa fanikiwa loan app download

mpesa fanikiwa loan app is yet to be available at the google play store but M-PESA loan app can be downloaded from the google play store

how to register mpesa fanikiwa loan

you can easily register for mpesa fanikiwa loan by dialling 844# and following the instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I qualify for M-PESA loan?

Answer: You need to be a Safaricom user and by dialling 844#

  • Can I use my M-PESA statement to get a loan?

Answer: NO, As of the time of writing you need to dial a code on phone because the Loan is Instant

  • Does Safaricom offer loans? 

Answer: Yes, Safaricom offers 5 instant loans

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