How Much Is Lasu School Fees 2022/2023

How Much Is Lasu School Fees 2022/2023
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lasu school fees – Today’s discussion is about the all-course LASU tuition fee. Are you a freshman? Do you inquire about things like the LASU freshman 2022 tuition? The Lagos State University’s (LASU) students are eager for advice on how to pay for school. The fixed LASU school fees, acceptance fees, part-time fees, and postgraduate fees will all be covered in today’s article.

The first step in many situations is to learn about an institution’s tuition costs. Reason: How will you pay all the fees if you apply to a school that is out of reach for your parents? Tuition costs must be taken into account by a student who has applied to a school like LASU.

Let’s look at the subjects we’ll be discussing today:

LASU tuition for new students in 2022, LASU postgraduate tuition, LASU part-time tuition, and all other LASU fees.

These are LASU’s three most significant fees. In order to save time, let’s start with the LASU school fees for new students in 2021.

The majority of students are looking for information about school fees online for medical students, the LASU freshmen tuition deadline of 2022, the Unilag law tuition, the cost of housing at Unilag, the cost of boarding at LASU, and the cost of part-time boarding at Unilag’s schools.

Lasu School Fees For 2022/2023

LASU School Fees 2022/2023 For New And Returning Students | Faculty of Social Sciences  
Industrial relations and personnel management N113,250
Insurance N113,250
Accounting N113,250
Management N113,250
Finance N113,250
Business Administration… N113,250
Economics N113,250
Mass Communication and Journalism N113,250
Political Science N113,250
Social Works N113,250
Psychology N113,250
Sociology N113,250
Public and international affairs N113,250
Transport Planning and Management… N113,250
Faculty of Law  
Commercial and Industrial Law …N115,750
Public Law …N115,750
Islamic Law N115,750
Private and Property Law …N115,750
Legal Studies …N115,750
Jurisprudence and International Law …N115,750
Faculty of Arts  
English Language N113,250
English Literature N113,250
Linguistics, African and Asian N113,250
Philosophy N113,250
History N113,250
Creative Art: Visual Arts N113,250
Creative Art: Theatre Arts N113,250
Creative Art: Music N113,250
European Languages (French and Russian)
Faculty of Engineering  
Chemical and Polymer Engineering N115,750
Electronic and Computer Engineering N115,750
Mechanical Engineering N115,750
Faculty of Education  
Guidance and Counseling .N113,250
Adult Education Management .N113,250
Adult Education .N113,250
Adult Literacy and Non-Formal Education .N113,250
Biology Education .N113,250
Chemistry Education .N113,250
Integrated Science Education .N113,250
Social Studies Education .N113,250
Geography Education .N113,250
History Education .N113,250
Human Kinetics and Health Education .N113,250
Exercise Physiology .N113,250
Sports Administration/Management .N113,250
Home Economics Education N113,250
Technology Education N113,250
Business Education N113,250
English Education N113,250
English Literature Education N113,250
French Education .N113,250
Yoruba Education .N113,250
Christian Religious Studies .N113,250
Islamic Studies Education .N113,250
Religious Education .N113,250
Curriculum Theory .N113,250
Educational Administration and Planning .N113,250
Education Psychology .N113,250
Physiology of Education .N113,250
Sociology of Education .N113,250
Faculty of Sciences  
Fishery Sciences N115,750
Biology N115,750
Mathematics and Statistics N115,750
Physics N115,750
Microbiology N115,750
Botany N115,750
Chemistry N115,750
Computer Science N115,750
Zoology N115,750
School Of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS)  
Physiology N115,750
Biochemistry N115,750
School of Clinical Sciences  
Medicine and Surgery N115,750
Dentistry N115,750

Lasu School Fees Foe Postgraduate For 2022/2023

The session fee at Lagos State University, Lasu is N150,000 for all courses, and the fee for subsequent sessions is only N100,000 (N100,000).

  • LASU acceptance fee for fresh students is N30,000
  • Examination, ID Card, Prospectus, Project Supervision, Medical fees amount – N46,500.00
  • The Development Levy amount is N40,000.00
  • LASU new student and returning student tuition.
  • Faculty of Social sciences- N113,250
  • Faculty of Law- N115,750
  • Faculty of Social sciences- N113,250
  • Engineering- N115,750
  • Education- N113,250
  • Sciences- N115,750
  • School of Clinical Sciences- N115,750
  • School Of Basic Medical Sciences – N115,750

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Lasu cut off mark 2022/2023

Is the 2022 LASU Cut Off Mark Already Met? Yes! The 2022/2023 academic year’s LASU Cut Off Mark has been released. All LASU freshmen should check this page to see their 2022 cutoff score.

LASU’s (Lagos State University, Ojo) JAMB UTME Cut Off Mark is 180. The only candidates who may apply for admission must have at least 180 in UTME.

Candidates should also have made Lagos State University Ojo, LASU, their top choice and have obtained at least 5 credits in the WASSCE or its equivalent (inclusive of English and Mathematics).

Applicants to Lagos State University, Ojo (LASU), in general, must have strong JAMB and O’ level scores.

Lasu Departmental Cut Off Mark 

For the academic year 2022/2023, LASU (Lagos State University) has announced the departmental cutoff mark. Details are provided below:

Pharmacy 293
Medicine and Surgery 314
Medical Laboratory Science 256
Mechanical Engineering 260
Electronic Engineering 217
Medical Radiography 263
Civil Engineering 256
Mass Communication 265
Foreign Language 180
History and International Studies 242
English and Literary Studies 252
Theatre and Film Studies 249
Nutrition and Dietetics 224
Home Science 180
Medical Rehabilitation 235
Political Science 240
Law 297
Nursing 290
English Education 235
Social Science Education 220
Archaeology 180
Public Administration and Local Government Studies 221
Sociology 216
Economics 242
Urban and Regional Planning 180
Estate Management 200
Architecture 203
Human Physiology 205
Human Anatomy 206
Veterinary Medicine 225
Marketing 212
Banking and Finance 218
Statistics 180
Pure and Industrial Chemistry 216
Physics 190
Aquaculture 190
Linguistics 212
Marketing 183
Banking and Finance 183
Accountancy 246
Business Management 213
Foreign Language 180
Geography 200
Geology 222
German 180
Guidance and Counselling 180
Health Education 180
History 189
Home Science 200
Agricultural Extension 210
Adult Education 180
Agricultural Economics 182
Biochemistry 207
Crop Science 180
Animal Science 180
Microbiology 200
Zoology 181

Please feel free to contact us via the comment section below if you have any questions about the LASU school fees.

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