kuda bank customer care number | List of kuda bank branches in nigeria

kuda bank customer care number | List of kuda bank branches in nigeria
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kuda bank – Nigerian banking services were revolutionized and made simpler by Kuda Bank. In order to achieve this, the bank provides verified users with an account number and grants them access to the Kuda app on their smartphones, enabling them to conduct financial transactions

Through the mobile app, you can send and receive money, pay for utilities, and even apply for a loan. But does Kuda Bank have branches in comparison to conventional banks, which have locations all over Nigeria? The purpose of this essay is to respond to that query.

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List of kuda bank branches in Nigeria

Actually, Kuda Bank is a mobile banking platform rather than a bank. The majority of us do occasionally experience numerous problems with banking services.

Many customers or people will want to know where the Kuda bank branches are in Nigeria so they can go there and solve some of these problems.

Kuda Bank Office In Lagos

Lagos state, in Nigeria, is one of the biggest or largest states, and it has a lot of businesses operating there. Kuda Bank is one of the many things you can find in Lagos, and I can assure you that it is.

Lagos, a sizable city, is also regarded as the nation’s financial hub. The majority of businesses that are currently experiencing rapid growth began in Lagos State.

With this knowledge, Kuda Bank has also established itself in the city of Lagos, is expanding daily, and is making great strides towards comprehending the nature of the Nigerian economy.

Although Kuda Bank has established numerous branches outside of Lagos State and in other parts of Nigeria, it has been claimed that the Lagos branch is still the best of all of them. Therefore, if you live in Lagos, you can also take advantage of the services that Kuda Bank offers; all you need to do is find the branch.

The Moore House building, 15 Herbert Macaulay Way, in Yaba is home to the kUDA bank office. This is also the location of Kuda Bank’s headquarters.

Abuja Kuda Bank Office

In addition to being the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria, Abuja is a sizable city. Abuja is home to numerous businesses, industries, and other activities.

Abuja is a very populated city, so many entrepreneurs go there to start numerous businesses. Kuda Bank also opened a branch office there.

Due to the fact that many businesses operate there, it also happens to be where the Kuda bank branch is located.

Due to the presence of the Kuda Bank Office, they can enhance their banking system. As a result, those who are looking for the branch will find it quickly.

Ikeja Kuda Bank Office

It is advantageous to have a branch in Ikeja because it is a very populated city with lots of activities and businesses.

Well. Ikeja has seen the successful opening or establishment of offices by numerous businesses and agencies. Unfortunately, the Kuda Bank does not have a location in this city.

Anyone looking for a Kuda bank office in Ikeja should stop immediately because they will not find one there.

However, Kuda Bank plans to open a location in Ikeja as well as numerous other branches across Nigeria in the future.

Additionally, you can perform some of the services by downloading the Kuda Bank App. The first bank to only conduct business through an app is Kuda Bank.

Additional Kuda Bank Locations in Nigeria

Kuda Bank has additional offices in Nigeria in addition to the one already mentioned, though not in every city.

So that all customers can easily access the bank, Kuda Bank plans to open a lot more branches in the future.

Additionally, if you experience any issues with the Kuda Bank App, you can easily fix them by going to the Kuda Bank office.

As such, for the time being, all of us are to use the Kuda Bank App for simple banking, and if you experience any issues, you can get in touch with customer service.

The customer service team at Kuda Bank is very responsive, so they will be eager to help you with or find a solution to any issue you may be experiencing with the bank.

Is Kuda Bank CBN registered?
The Central Bank of Nigeria (“CBN”) has granted Kuda the necessary license to operate as a full-service digital microfinance bank. At 151 Herbert Macaulay Road, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, is where we have our registered office.

How do I communicate with Kuda Bank?
Although you can email us at [email protected], it’s much simpler to chat with us by tapping More in the Kuda app.

kuda bank customer care number

If you would like to find out more about which Kuda entity you receive services from or other bank-related issues, you can reach them via the in-app chat in the Kuda app or you can’t access the app please call 0700022555832 or send an email to [email protected] immediately.

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