How To Link My NIN To My MTN SIM

How To Link My NIN To My MTN SIM
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Many people have messaged us stating: It is important to know how to link my NIN to my MTN SIM. This is actually important though as the Nigerian Communication Commission has issued a directive to all Nigerians ordering them to link their National Identity Numbers (NINs) with their respective SIM cards, or else face service termination from network providers.

SIMs are a major target because they are a major component for people to use the services and utilities provided by telecom companies. It can be used to commit different crimes, such as cyber fraud and impersonation.

Continue reading to learn how to link your MTN SIM to your NIN.


Why is it Important to Know How To Link My NIN To My MTN SIM?

How To Link My NIN To My MTN SIM

How To Link My NIN To My MTN SIM

The Federal Government of Nigeria, in collaboration with the Nigerian Communication Commission NCC has announced that linking NINs to SIM cards will be mandatory for all Nigerians.

Every individual must therefore link their NIN with each of their SIM Cards. You are required to link each SIM card/phone number to your NIN, no matter how many you may have.

Information Guide Nigeria. Information Guide Nigeria. The SIM card is rendered useless if you don’t link your NIN with your phone number.

Subscribers were warned to register their SIM card with NIN by December 31, 2020, or risk their line being disconnected or blocked. Some Nigerians with NINs are unsure how to link their NIN to their phone number.


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How To Link My NIN To My MTN SIM?

Our procedures will begin with MTN. If you have an MTN phone, please follow these steps to connect it to your NIN:

  • Your 11-digit NIN is your number.
  • Call app for mobile phones
  • Dial *785*Your 11-digit NIN number#
  • Example: *785*64812640614#
  • Your NIN is automatically linked to your MTN SIM card after dialling the USSD Code.
  • Alternatively, you can download the My MTN app from and submit your details to link your NIN.


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How to Check My NIN With My MTN SIM?

You can apply to retrieve your NIN if you’ve lost your NIN, or if you don’t remember the 11 digits. You can do this quickly with your mobile phone.

Here’s how to retrieve your NIN using an MTN Sim card:

  • Call the app on your mobile device
  • Dial_*346#
  • After dialling the code, you will see several options on your screen
  • Type 1 to select “NIN retrieval”.
  • This service is only N20 and will be charged to your mobile network.


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If you are already registered but have forgotten your NIN you can retrieve it by dialing *996# and pressing 1. You will receive a notification showing your NIN. Checking will cost you #20.

To improve security and reduce criminal activity, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has instructed all telecom operators in Nigeria to register NINs of their customers.

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