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How To Check Your Glo Number 2023

How To Check Your Glo Number
Written by Emem Umoh

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If you want to know how to check your Glo number, without a doubt using USSD code to check your Glo number is both the simplest and fastest way of readily accessing your Glo number but it is only used by a handful of people.

Many people prefer to call a friend. The person will call the friend and copy down their number. You can be sure that the methods discussed below to check your Glo number will come in handy at different times.

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How Do I Describe Glo?

How To Check Your Glo Number

The Glo Logo

Mike Adenuga is the owner of Glo, which is also known as Globacom Limited. Glo Network began full operation in Nigeria on August 29th, 2003.

Glo is currently the third-largest telecom provider in the country and is known for its incredible data deals. Glo also operates in a number of other West African countries, including Ghana, Benin Republic, and Cote d’Ivoire.

Glo has gradually gained ground in Nigeria’s telecommunications sector and around the world.


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How To Check Your Glo Number?

  • By Calling 1244:

Call 1244 after inserting your Glo sim into your phone and turning it on. Glo will send you an activation code and an automated voice will tell you your number digit-by-digit.

You can check your Glo SIM number by dialling “1244” in your dialer. The 11 digits that represent the Glo line you used to dial the number will be automatically read out.

Then you can copy it or write it down where you will easily be able to access it.

This code isn’t a Glo Customer Care line. It is simply programmed to make it easier for Glo customers to access their phone numbers.

  • By using the Glo Self-Care Portal:

You can check your Glo Number if you are connected to WiFi or have an active data package. Follow the steps below to do this:

    • Open the browser on your laptop or smartphone
    • Go to the official Glo Self-care Portal here
    • Information required to be entered on the portal
    • Click “Check Profile”
    • You will see your 11-digit Glo Number and all other details on the screen.
  • By Downloading the Glo Cafe App:

Glo Cafe, the official Glo Network Nigeria app, can help you to find your phone number.

    • Download the app. If you do not already have the Glo Cafe App on your device, download it from the app store or Google Play Store.
    • Download the app to your device
    • Glo Cafe App displays your name, mobile number and airtime balance prominently at the top.

This method is very useful after the initial launch of the app, as your Glo number is required. You can then launch the Glo Cafe app using the USSD code to access the app.

  • By using the Multi-Network USSD Code:

Dial *135*8# to quickly check your Glo number. The number will be displayed on your mobile’s screen with the country code. Replace 234 with 0.

  • By using the Glo Sim Pack:

Glo SIM Pack is the Glo SIM pack that came with your Glo SIM card. This Glo SIM pack contains all of the information about your SIM card, including your unblocking code and phone number.

Bring out your Glo SIM card and look at the information to find your Glo phone number.


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  • By Sending a “Call Me Back” SMS:
    • Just dial *125* (the number of your friend’s)#
    • You will see your number displayed on the screen of your friend’s mobile phone along with a message saying ‘Please call me back.’
    • You can now copy your Glo number by checking your friend’s mobile phone.
  • By Checking My Tariff Plan:
    • Dial *777# on your device.
    • Select 4 (My tariff plan)
    • Select 3 (My Number).
    • Glo Number will be displayed on your phone.
  • By Downloading the Glo Mobile App:

Download the Glo app to your smartphone and you can view your Glo line. Log in to the Glo app and go to your account profile if you already have it. You’ll see your Glo number once your account information is displayed.

  • By Calling (or Texting) My Phone Contacts:

You can now call or send a text to anyone nearby by inserting your Glo sim into your phone and turning it on. The number that appears on the phone of your contact is your Glo number.

You can use this method to find out your mobile number on any network. However, you should not do it with strangers as they may share your number maliciously.

If you don’t have someone nearby who is trustworthy enough to call or text to verify your number, there are other options.


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If you don’t have access to someone who can text or call your number, then there are other options. It takes three minutes to check your Glo number.

Learn how to check the Glo number using the methods above, because you won’t have to spend any money on data or credit bundles.

You can also use your memory to quickly retrieve your Glo number. You can either memorize it or save it online. You can save the number online or off if you prefer. Thanks for reading!

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