How to Apply & Check Approval Status of covid-19 loan in Nigeria

How to Apply & Check Approval Status of covid-19 loan in Nigeria
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covid-19 loan – NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) demanded that the COVID-19 loans given to people and companies all over the nation must be repaid. The loan was a part of the targeted credit facilities (TCF) that the Central Bank of Nigeria set up to lessen the impact of COVID-19.

“NMFB loan repayment: We have played our part. It is now your turn,” the bank said in a tweet

NMFB loan was to assist households and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) that have been particularly hard hit by COVID-19  pandemic, the CBN introduced the N50 billion TCF in March 2020. Beneficiaries received loans from NIRSAL, a CBN-owned company, at a five percent interest rate with a moratorium period that lasts until February 28, 2021.The facility’s interest rate will return to nine percent on March 1, 2021, after the moratorium has expired.

Working capital loans, according to the apex, would have a maximum loan of one year and no provision for rollover. Term loans have a maximum term of three years and a moratorium of at least one year. The maximum loan available to households is N3 million, while the maximum loan available to SMEs is N25 million and is based on the cash flow and industry/segment size of the beneficiary.

According to NIRSAL, as of December 2021, it had provided loans totaling N503 billion to more than 881,081 Nigerians and businesses to lessen the impact of the pandemic and it is still offering more.

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how to apply for covid-19 loan in nigeria 2022

  1. Visit the NIRSAL website at Covid 19 loan portal to apply for COVID-19 loans in Nigeria. You can view the specific requirements based on the loan type you intend to apply for.
  2. Send an application and documentation of how COVID-19 has benefited your company directly to NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB).
  3. They then review your application and submit it for approval to CBN.
  4. If your application is approved, CBN releases the funds to NMFB for account distribution.
    The only way to apply for this loan is online.

how to check nirsal covid-19 loan status easily

Simply put, you need to exercise more judgment when providing assistance to others.

You need a profile and the platform before you can access the portal. This indicates that you must have submitted your application earlier when the online registration process was active. Only after creating a profile are you able to log in.

Second, only applicants who are deemed eligible will receive unconditional microfinance loans. The procedures and links that applicants must adhere to in order to view their loan status are listed below:

From the preceding recommendations, the first step is to carefully navigate to your email address. Emails informing borrowers that access to the loan has been granted will be sent to those whose loan requests have been approved.

how to check covid-19 loan approval on Nirsal Bank website

1: Visit the Nirsal Microfinance Bank website right away.

2: Select the COVID-19 support link in the top right corner.

3: Select “Click Here to Provide Other Bank Account” to access SME and/or Household.

4: Select Option 4 if you applied for the Household Category.

5: Enter your 11-digit BVN and click “Validate BVN” to see if you will receive the stimulus package.

how to bcheck nirsal covid-19 loan approval in 2022

how to check nirsal covid-19 loan approval has been discussed above.

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