how to activate uba ussd code

how to activate uba ussd code
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uba ussd code – is a self-service channel that only allows users to access to the UBA banking services through a mobile device. and To access the available services, the user only needs to dial the UBA Ussd code *919#.

To activate UBA ussd code simply:  

  1. Dial *919#, the UBA Ussd Code.
  2. There will be an opening message displayed on the screen.
  3. Press 1 to begin the UBA Ussd Code registration process.
  4. You can register using either the UBA Prepaid or your Account Number.
  5. If you signed up for a UBA prepaid account, select the UBA prepaid with the PIN.
  6. Use the Account with PIN option if you don’t have a UBA prepaid account.
  7. Put in your 10-digit account number or prepaid number, as applicable.
  8. Pick a PIN for your UBA Ussd Code. Your UBA Debit card’s four-digit pin is required for this.
  9. Confirm the creation of your PIN to finish the activation process.


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how to check bvn with uba ussd code

Customers of UBA can access their BVN numbers via their mobile devices. It makes no use of any mobile internet access necessary. The critical actions to access your UBA BVN number on your phone are listed below:

  • using the same phone number that you registered your UBA account with, dial *919*18#.
  • Put in your four-digit transfer PIN here.
  • Watch as your BVN number appears.

There are also other means of checking your bvn on uba:

The UBA Online Customer Care Service

Customers can contact UBA’s customer service department by sending an email to [email protected]. Your request must be the subject of the email. Customer service will respond to you with your BVN within 24 hours. When registering for a BVN, keep in mind that the email address should be one that UBA recognizes. Customers can also call the following numbers to contact customer service if there is no internet connection:

  • +2347002255822.
  • +23416319822.
  • +23412808822.

how to check account balance with uba ussd code

How to check account balance on uba ussd code

How to check account balance on uba ussd code

Dial *919# to access your account balance via USSD code. You should then be directed to the magic banking website.

  • Then choose 6 and dial it, then adhere to the instructions.
  • You can also call *919*00#.
  • It ought to display the account balance associated with that SIM right away.
  • However, you must first confirm that the SIM card is connected to your bank account.

Visit any UBA branch in your area and ask to have your SIM card connected to your bank account if you haven’t already. You do not need an internet connection to use magic banking. In other words, it will function properly even if you do not currently have a data plan. Additionally, using this service carries a 30 naira fee.

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