first bank ussd code to check account number

first bank ussd code to check account number
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first bank ussd code – Learn how to send money, pay bills, buy airtime, and many other types of transactions using FirstBank USSD Codes.

Are you a FirstBank customer who has just signed up and visited the bank to conduct any transactions? If you want to send money, pay bills, buy airtime, and access many other FirstBank features without having to leave your house, you might want to read this article to learn the code for FirstBank transactions.

According to total assets and gross earnings, First Bank of Nigeria Limited is the most prestigious and valuable banking brand in Nigeria. With its FirstBank dial code, this bank has made it simple for customers to complete transactions. The USSD code for FirstBank is *894#, so all you have to do is dial that number.

You can access the FirstBank USSD 894 experience with just one dial if you have a FirstBank account with a linked debit card, an SMS alert phone number, and a mobile phone.

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Benefits and Features of FirstBank USSD Codes

No matter where they are, FirstBank customers can easily conduct all kinds of transactions thanks to the USSD, which doesn’t even require an internet connection.

The advantages of using this FirstBank USSD code include the following:

1. rapid access
You have access to the FirstBank 894 USSD code experience to conduct any kind of transaction as long as you have an account with FirstBank.

2. It is safe.
With this USSD FirstBank code, external transactions are never completed without first requesting your Personal Identification Number, ensuring the safety of your account.

3. Convenient
You can easily conduct transactions using the FirstBank short code from anywhere in Nigeria.

4. Banking simplified
For all FirstBank customers, participating in the short code FirstBank 894 experience has made life simpler because it eliminates the need to physically visit the bank to complete tasks like money transfers, airtime purchases, and many other things.

5. no need for an internet connection
One of the intriguing advantages of using FirstBank’s USSD code is that it can be accessed by any mobile device, including those that cannot connect to the internet. You are good to go as long as you call 894 from your registered phone number.

how to use first bank ussd code for transfer

Simply follow these steps to send money using the first bank USSD code method:

  • Register for First Bank USSD by following the steps above (skip this step if you’ve already registered).
  • To transfer, dial *894*Amount*Account Number#. To transfer N5,000 to 1234567890, for instance, dial *894*5000*1234567890*. (this is not a real 10-digits NUBAN account number).

first bank ussd code to check balance

By dialing the FirstBank account balance USSD code, you can check your account balance whenever you want to be certain of the precise amounts you have in your account. When they could just dial the FirstBank USSD code to check their account balance, some people even go as far as to stand in line to use ATMs.

first bank ussd code to check balance

first bank ussd code to check balance

All Nigerian mobile networks are capable of supporting the FirstBank USSD code for account balance. Simply dial the FirstBank USSD balance check code from a phone number connected to an account to check your balance.

To do this, dial the FirstBank account balance check code, *894*00#, and then adhere to the on-screen directions. Then you’ll receive an SMS with your account balance.

Note that you can only dail the USSD code for your FirstBank account balance from a registered phone number that is associated with your FirstBank account, and there are fees associated with this service.

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