fcmb ussd code to check account number

fcmb ussd code to check account number
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fcmb ussd code – It’s normal for people to forget their account numbers. The majority of financial institutions offer ways for clients to quickly retrieve lost or forgotten account numbers.

Thank goodness FCMB also offers a number of simple methods to locate your account number. Depending on your preferences, you can pick from the various options we’ll give you.

fcmb ussd code to check account number

The following are the various methods for checking your FCMB account number:

use of fcmb ussd code
  1. Dial *329*00# to check your account number. A mobile phone number associated with your account must be used to dial this code.
  2. To confirm your transaction, enter your USSD banking PIN or the last 4 digits of your MasterCard.
  3. Actually, the account balance can be checked using the code above. You’ll get a notification, but it will include both your account number and account balance.

However, you must first sign up for USSD banking in order to use the aforementioned code. Dial *329# and follow the on-screen instructions to do that.

use of fcmb customer service

You don’t need to go to a visible branch to contact FCMB customer service. In fact, there are specific Whatsapp numbers, Twitter handles, and email addresses where customers can send requests or complaints at any time of day.

You will be required to give the following details when you get in touch with a rep using our guide:

  1. complete full name
  2. Contact information used to open your account
  3. Next of kin
  4. your date of birth
  5. the bank branch you registered in
  6. your address,

The customer service representative will give you your account number if you are able to provide the aforementioned details accurately.

fcmb ussd code for transfer

Dial the fcmb ussd code from your registered phone number that is linked to your bank account to send money from your FCMB account to another bank in Nigeria.

To transfer money, dial *329*Amount*Account number#.

Example:{*329*3000*4012345679#} Additionally, you can call *329# and adhere to the prompts.

how to tranfer using fcmb ussd code

how to tranfer using fcmb ussd code

how to activate fcmb ussd code

Both retail and personal business accounts that have been registered with the bank can use the FCMB USSD. You can start by dialing *329# to get access to the platform. Be aware that in order to access the bank’s USSD, you must first register using your account number and create a pin.

  • Dial *329*0#.
  • Select Create/Reset code option.
  • Choose your bank card ( i.e for customers with multiple cards).
  • Enter the PIN for your ATM card.
  • Create a four-digit transaction code, like 1234.
  • Enter and confirm your USSD PIN.
  • You’ll quickly get a confirmation of your registration in a message.

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