Ecobank Transfer Code | How To Check Ecobank Account Balance

eco bank transfer code | how to check eco bank account balance
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ecobank transfer code – The management of Eco Bank has made transactions for Nigerians with EcoBank accounts very simple. Using the EcoBank Money Transfer Code, you can send money on your phone from EcoBank to other Nigerian banks.

After reading this article, you will know how to check the balance of your EcoBank account on your phone, transfer money between EcoBank accounts using the Bank USSD Mobile Money transfer code, and recharge your phone using the EcoBank Money recharge code.

You can even memorize the code for transferring money on Ecobank because it is very straightforward. *326# is the Ecobank transfer code. However, if you have never used this code before, it is crucial that you understand how to activate the Ecobank USD code.
You can start using it after it has been turned on.

Ecobank ussd code

Current Ecobank Mobile APP Users

*326# allows for seamless transactions.

  • Dial *326# from any mobile phone (Smart or Feature phone)
  • Enter your existing 6-digit pin used to transact on the Mobile APP
  • If your PIN is forgotten, use Ecobank Mobile APP to reset the PIN

Ecobank Consumer Customers Not on Ecobank Mobile App

  • Register Yourself Using a Debit/ATM Card
  • Dial *326# from any mobile phone (Smart or Feature Phone)
  • Navigate to menu option 3-Attach Mobile Number to Account
  • Follow the prompts to finish the registration process

Non Ecobank Customers

Open an Xpress Account to self-register.

  • Dial *326# from any mobile phone (Smart or Feature Phone)
  • Navigate to menu option 1 -Open the Xpress account
  • To finish the account opening and registration process, adhere to the prompts.

Deposit funds into your Xpress Account and apply for a debit card to enjoy the freedom of making payments in stores, online, and withdrawing funds from ATMs.

Ecobank customer care number

Here are some important phone numbers you might find useful, or you can use the contact form below.
You can reach them by phone or online at any time.

  • Please dial 07005000000, +2347080653700, or +23412701323
  • Premier Number: 0700PREMIER (07007736437),
  • Advantage Number: 0700ADVANTAGE (070023268243)
  • Toll-Free 0700PREMIER (07007736437)
  • [email protected].

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How to check Ecobank account number

USSD Code Method: There are many trustworthy ways to find out or obtain your Ecobank account number, but since the goal of this article is to demonstrate how to do so without leaving your home, let’s start with the USSD code method.

Just dial*326*0#. Enter your 4-digit PIN for authentication. Await the balance and account number.

To use the Ecobank USSD code for the first time, you must first register by dialing *326#, then dial 2 to activate USSD banking, and finally follow the on-screen instructions.

Using the mobile banking app: This is another cool way to give your Ecobank account number to enquirers. However, before beginning, you should have a functioning mobile banking app that is only accessible to smartphone users.

ATM Method: To complete the third step, an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is needed. There are other services offered by the ATM in addition to cash withdrawals, one of which is account number verification. You only need to take the actions listed below to accomplish this.

Go to the closest ATM >> Enter the PIN for your ATM card. Select Account Number under More Services.

SMS Method: From your registered phone number with the Bank, send “Nuban [account number]” to 0806ECOBANK (08063262265) via SMS. If you text NUBAN to the number 08063262265, for instance, you will get a message back with your account number.


There are a few other methods I’ve used to check my bank account number beside the SMS shortcode technique, and those strategies have been covered in this post. You ought to look into it as well.

How to check Ecobank account balance

The USSD code to dial in order to view your account balance is *326#.

The correct code to check your phone’s balance is *326*0#.

To obtain the current balance of your bank account, dial the USSD code on your phone and then adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Before your balance is displayed, the most important step is to enter your PIN.

When using the Ecobank transfer code to check your balance, all you have to do is that.

You must register for mobile banking USSD code by dialing *326# and following the registration instructions if for any reason the above code is not functioning for you.

If you have any inquiries, please use the comment section below or, even better, go to Ecobank’s official social media pages to get in touch with a customer service agent.

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