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Easemoni Loan Code How To Repay Easemoni Loan in 2023
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Before we talk about easemoni loan code, we will like to write about what exactly is easemoni loan? After the bank verification number (BVN) was introduced in Nigeria a few years ago, a number of mobile loan apps and lenders began operating there. Since then, Nigerians have used those mobile loan apps and lenders and have had both positive and negative experiences.

On the other hand, Easemoni Loan is just one of hundreds of mobile loan app providers that asserts it will provide individuals with up to 1 million loans, either for personal consumption or business purposes. But the real query is: Are they forgoing a loan of one million naira?

I wouldn’t say I enjoy reviewing loan providers without first thoroughly vetting them. I first downloaded and registered for Easemoni to test it out before I started writing about it.

easemoni loan code

To apply, just dial *347*334# and follow the prompts if you’re interested. The phone number associated with your bank account must be called and sent along with the code.

Limit of Easemoni Loan

The truth is that Easemoni doesn’t offer loans in the million naira range, and you can’t even come close. However, you need to establish your credibility and trust by borrowing and paying back on time if you want to get a reasonable amount of money. Even so, I can’t guarantee that you’ll make up to or exceed 1 million Naira.


Because Easemoni loan providers have not offended me—possibly because I never gave them the chance to—I am writing this without prejudice. However, I read their customer reviews, which I could tell apart from legitimate user reviews and reviews that were paid for.

how to repay easemoni loan Easily

You will receive frequent calls from Easemoni, especially when your loan is due, indicating that one of their top priorities is loan repayment. Numerous loan repayment options are available through Easemoni, all of which are flexible and designed to make repaying your loan very simple. The Autopay method, which requires prior authorization for the payment, is the first loan repayment option that Easemoni provides. The system will then use an already linked Debit (ATM) card to automatically deduct that amount from your bank account in order to repay your loan.

repay easemoni loan via Opay App

  1. Open the Opay App or log in.
  2. Select “Finance” or “Loan.”
  3. Find “Easemoni” and click it.
  4. After that, press the Repay button.
  5. Choose OPay App payment option from the list that is presented to you now.

Steps to apply for Easemoni loan

In order to access a loan through the Easemoni loan app, you must,

  • First, go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download and install the Easemoni Loan app for Android or iOS.
  • Step two is to create a username and password on the app.
  • Step three: Visit the email address you provided to confirm your account, then log in to the account using your username and password.
  • Step 4: Start a loan by choosing the loan amount; as a first-time user, you’ll probably get between N3,000 and N8,000. After verifying the loan bank account, click Apply Now.

What is EaseMoni Interest rate

The interest rate on easemoni loans ranges from 5% to 10%. Your credit history, the size and length of the loan, and other factors are used to determine your interest rate within this range.

Requirements for EaseMoni loan

  1. Age Range of 20 to 55 years old.
  2. GSM Number
  3. bank account Number. A bank account number is required. Once a loan has been approved for you, the funds will be deposited here.
  4. A bank’s verification code is yours (BVN). Again, there is no risk in providing your BVN for this loan application.

How do I contact Easemoni?

Please be informed that you can call us at +2349087614150, chat with us on WhatsApp at +2347088942423, or send an email to [email protected] if you have any loan-related concerns.

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